Princess Sarah (punker_munkey) wrote in yes_were_hott,
Princess Sarah

Hi I'm new YAY!

Hobbies-surfin, skatin, hangin
Favorite bands-
Favorite movies
Favorite books-

Thoughts on..
g/l/b/t relations-
goverment- not to offend anyone but i strongly disbelieve in anarchy, i love this government we have, its makin a strong impact on the world whether good or bad, american government is powerful
abortion- definite negatory on that one, the only way abortion is even a choice is if its a rape baby or the pregnancy indangers the moms life
"love" at teenage years- i think its cute but can get real messy with all the raging horomones and finding yourselves and morals to figure out, love is dangerous thing no matter how old you are, no matter how much youve been through, or even what you know now than before

List Five qualities about your self
*i am athletic and very active
*i am a real people person, i tend to get along with the majority of people
*i am very open minded about anything that crosses my mind
*extremely active imagination
*my friends tell me im a good performing artist

what are some of your pet peeves? my guy and his best friend are real jerks when they are together. nazis. perverted pedafiles(sp)

Tell us any thing you want here..just go ahead...any thing
okay, hmm... once upon a nightmare there lived a beautiful corpse who was once called angelina morgen. she lie in the most becoming pose with her stiff arms crossed over her chest.... okay im done

and lastly..why should you be accepted? i am hoping to find out what you guys think of the way i look. you all seem pretty awesome and i would be honored to join your community

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