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Also posted in Yeah_your_cute, just different questions...

Name- Kelly
Age- 15 years old...16 in May.
Gender- Female
Town- Wixom, MI.
Hobbies- Basketball, music, writting, photography, shopping, my friends, computer, phone, softball, movies, reading.
Favorite bands- Matchbook Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Juliana Theory, The Used, Recover, Plain White T's, The Rocket Summer, TBS, Thursday, etc.
Favorite movies- Sandlot, Pleasentville, A Knight's Tale, Saving Private Ryan, The Lion King(s), Pirates of The Carribean, Benny and Joon, American History X, Patch Adams...more.
Favorite books- The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 1&2...very cute books I recomend! Night, Grecian Holiday, Shilo. Any book that seems to be interesting.

Thoughts on...
g/l/b/t relations- Not against it, I don't mind at all.
goverment- I don't know what to say about it.
abortion- I don't think a girl should get one, but they can do whatever they want.
"love" at teenage years- Sometimes I don't believe it's possible becuase some don't really know what love is. Love cannot be awnsered in 1 or 2 sent. But shure, if they think they're in love then let them do whatever their hearts desire.

List Five qualities about your self
*I share :)
* I get good grades, 3.2! Well that's an okay GPA.
* Good listener/great friend.
* Very funny/sense of humor.

what are some of your pet peeves?
My dad. My brother, when he tries to annoy me and calls me stupid, when people 'use' others, bragging to the point where it's sick. When my parents don't belive in me, and think I'm dumb. When people spit on you when they talk.
When idiot type and talk like ' HeY GuRrL WhAd UP WiT u DaWG, IgHt WeL iLL SeE U 0n Da FliP SiDeE!'
I find that really annoying becuase it taks me an extra 10 minutes to understand.

Tell us any thing you want here..just go ahead...any thing.
Hum, so I have no school this whole week. I'm getting a haircut soon, and I'm sick of my hair color. All I've been doing is sitting at the computer drinking hot cocoa. I finally went away from the computer and played Zelda for 3 hours or so. No matter how many times I have beaten that game on Nintendo 64, I'll play it. No matter what, I will. I like livejournal a lot. I have 2 of them plus a deadjournal. I find this to be funny That's it.

and lastly..why should you be accepted?
Well I think I do have a hot personality. I love communities, like this one and I like livejournal. I don't knwo if I'm actually hot.


The one on the right (blonde) Homecomming

Jodi and I.

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