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jesus shit i hope i didnt fuck this up too bad

Name- dru
Age- 15
Gender- male
Town- lincoln park, michigan
Hobbies- skateboarding and uhh a lot of sweet stuff
Favorite bands- this is gonna be pretty diverse. i listen to everything. thursday, thrice, chimaira, suicide machines, mustard plug, alkaline trio, leftover crack, and..if you really want to know all of them, go to my LJ userinfo. i would give them all, but i don't wanna post all 68047973987 of them in here, and make my post overly long so i should stop rambling and get to the point, eh?
Favorite movies- BOONDOCK SAINTS! best movie ever. half baked, baseketball, super troopers, stuff like that
Favorite books- i don't read much

Thoughts on..
g/l/b/t relations- it doesnt matter much to me i mean people should be free to live how they want right?
goverment- to be honest, the governement's fucked
abortion- it sucks, but if it's necessary, go nuts
"love" at teenage years- it's possible, i guess

List Five qualities about your self

what are some of your pet peeves?
i don't really have any
Tell us any thing you want here..just go ahead...any thing

and lastly..why should you be accepted?
cause uhh..i'm one sexy mutha haha i dunno really

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