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Town- port huron, michigan
Hobbies- music, movies, going to local (band) shows, etc.
Favorite bands- incubus, distillers, afi, with rescue breathing (local), gimmie gimmies, 80's, theres more but i better stop.
Favorite movies-nightmare before christmas, slc punk, empire records, and the labrynth.
Favorite books-i like dean kootnz books.

Thoughts on..
g/l/b/t relations- it doesnt bother me, if it makes a person happy, it makes me happy.
goverment- i dont like some of the choices they have made, but i have to live with it.
abortion- i have mixed feeling about it.
"love" at teenage years- i guess anyone could fall in love.

List Five qualities about your self
*funny/good sense of humor
*nice (or at least i try to be.)

what are some of your pet peeves?
when all the really skinny girls at school say "im so fat!"
and really stupid people.

Tell us any thing you want here..just go ahead...any thing
hmm... i want to get my nose peirced, but my dad probably wont let me.

and lastly..why should you be accepted?
i should be accepted because im one of the coolest kids you'll never meet.

title or description

this is my friend patrice and me

title or description

title or description
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